76 Blog WordPress Plugins

76 Blog WordPress Plugins

1. Video Blogger – A plugin for recording blogging noesis hosted by Google Video, YouTube, vSocial, and Dailymotion.

2. Webcam Update – It power watch if a webcam ikon has been updated in a ordered turn of time. If it has been updated, it power pass the webcam image; if it hasn?t it power pass added content.

3. Click Counter – Adds a utter furniture to course in your posts.

4. Online Counter – Enable you to pass how whatever users are online on your WordPress journal with careful statistics of where they are and who there are(Members/Guests/Search Bots).

5. AIM Online Status – Online Status places an picture and book on your journal pass your AIM online status.

6. Persian-2 – This is a Iranian WordPress plugin.

7. Database Backup – On-demand patronage of your WordPress database.

8. Contact Form with Spam Protection – This is a modify in modify for users to occurrence you. It crapper be implemented on a tender or a post. (My Contact Page currently using this plugin.)

9. Alexadex – Shows your blog?s deal toll from Alexadex

10. Auto Content Generator – Instance/Automatic Contents for your Blogs.

11. WebSTAT Tracker – Adds the needed JavaScript cipher to enable WebSTAT logging for whatever WordPress blog.

12. Photopress – Adds a ordered of supporter tools to WordPress to attain employed with images easier. It adds a pop-up uploader and a pop-up ikon application to the bill page, a stylish haphazard ikon duty for your template, and a ultimate medium to pass the photos you?ve uploaded.

13. Search and Replace – This is a plugin for WordPress to earmark you to wager and change book crossways every your posts.

14. FeedBurner FeedSmith – This plugin detects every structure to admittance your example WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner verify so you crapper road every doable subscriber.

15. Recent Comments – Show the most past comments with communicator obloquy (url link, if submit) and course direct to the interpret permalink.

16. Chinese Displayer – To pass book cursive or posted that?s in Asiatic language.

17. AntiLeech – Prevent errant parties from concealing your noesis and bandwidth.

18. DoFollow – Selectively alter the ?nofollow? tagging for comments.

19. Executable PHP widget – Like the Text widget, but it power verify PHP cipher as well. Up to 9 instances of this widget haw exist. Heavily derivative from the Text widget cipher included with the widget plugin by Automatic, Inc.

20. Google Adsense widget – Like the Text widget, but specifically for Google Adsense blocks. Up to 4 instances of this widget haw subsist (since Google exclusive allows 3 ads and digit unification country on a page). Heavily derivative from the Text widget cipher included with the widget plugin by Automatic, Inc.

21. flickrRSS – Allows you to combine the photos from a flickr rss verify into your site.

22. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin power create a sitemaps.org harmonious sitemap of your WordPress journal which is based by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.

23. Gravatar – This plugin allows you to create a gravatar address rank with rating, size, default, and abut options.

24. Jerome?s Keywords – Allows keywords to be related with apiece post. These keywords crapper be utilised for tender meta tags, included in posts for place intelligent or linked same Technorati tags.

25. No Duplicate Comments – Prevent visitors from leaving replicate comments/pingbacks/trackbacks to a post.

26. Easy Post-to-Post Links – Easily meaning added place in your journal using a shortcut, either by id or place slug. The road is replaced with the hyperlinked denomination of the referenced post.

27. Never Moderate Admin or Post Author – Never medium or evaluation as email comments prefabricated by the place admin, the post?s author, or optionally, whatever qualified individual above a presented individual level, disregarding of the manifest spamminess of the comment.

28. Auto-hyperlink URLs – Auto-hyperlink book URLs in place noesis and interpret book to the address they reference. Does NOT essay to hyperlink already hyperlinked URLs. Improves WordPress?s choice make_clickable function, along with adding whatever plan options.

29. Top/Recent Commenters – Retrieve the crowning commenters or most past commenters to your site.

30. Optimal Title – Mirrors the duty of wp_title() exactly, but moves the function of the ?separator? to after the denomination kinda than before.

31. Sociable – Automatically add course on your posts to favourite ethnic bookmarking sites.

32. Subscribe To Comments – Allows readers to obtain notifications of newborn comments that are posted to an entry.

33. WordPress Stats – Tracks views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks.

34. Cache – Very alacritous store module. It?s imperturbable of individual modules, this plugin crapper configure and control the full system.

35. PostRatings – Adds an AJAX judgement grouping for your WordPress blog?s post/page.

36. Ban Users – Ban users by IP, IP Range, patron study and referer url from temporary your WordPress?s blog. It power pass a bespoken forbiddance communication when the illegal IP, IP range, patron study or referer url trys to meet you blog. You crapper also eliminate destined IPs from existence banned. There power be statistics recordered on how whatever nowadays they attemp to meet your blog. It allows wildcard matched too.

37. DBManager – Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to behave database, bushel database, patronage database, change database, withdraw patronage database , drop/empty tables and separate designated queries. Supports semiautomatic planning of championship up and optimizing of database.

38. EMail Friends – Allows grouping to recommend/send your WordPress blog?s post/page to a friend.

39. PageNavi – Adds a more modern paging guidance your WordPress blog.

40. AJAX Polls – Adds an AJAX enquiry grouping to your WordPress blog. You crapper easily allow a enquiry into your WordPress?s journal post/page. AJAX Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are heaps of options for you to opt to secure that AJAX Polls runs the artefact you wanted. It today supports binary activity of answers.

41. PostViews – Enables you to pass how whatever nowadays a post/page had been viewed. It power not calculate qualified member views, but that crapper be denaturized easily.

42. Print – Displays a printable edition of your WordPress blog?s post/page.

43. RelativeDate – Displays qualifying fellow alongside with your post/comments actualised date. Like ?Today?, ?Yesterday?, ?2 Days Ago?, ?2 Weeks Ago?, ?2 ?Seconds Ago?, ?2 Minutes Ago?, ?2 Hours Ago?.

44. ServerInfo – Display your host?s computer PHP and MYSQL assemblage (integrated into WordPress Admin Style) on your WordPress dashboard.

45. Statistics – Display your WordPress journal statistics. Ranging from generalized amount statistics, whatever of my plugins statistics and crowning 10 statistics.

46. Sticky – Adds a sticky place feature to your WordPress?s blog.

47. WAP – Browse your WordPress?s journal entries on a Wap enabled ambulatory phone.

48. File Explorer – Enables you to feeding a folder on the scheme same Windows Explorer. It has the knowledge to wager for folders and files too.

49. error_log Cleaner – Scan And Delete error_log File Generated By PHP On Your Web Site.

50. Guestbook Generator – Generates a guestbook for WordPress blogs.

51. Paged Comments – Breaks downbound comments into a sort of pages.

52. fMoblog – A plugin that lets you place images from your radiophone phone.

53. Google Analyticator – Adds the needed JavaScript cipher to enable Google?s Analytics.

54. fGallery – Image room plugin which seamlessly intergrates with WordPress. Administration tender for uploading files and managing galleries desegrated in the WordPress brass area. Supports gif, jpg and png images. Integrates lightbox correct in the plugin.

55. Audio player – Highly configurable azygos road mp3 player.

56. Event Calendar – An circumstance calendar plugin for WordPress.

57. Search Term HighLiter – A plugin that broad lights the wager cost in your posts.

58. SideNotes – Enables the individual to add diminutive bespoken quicklinks to the sidebar. With RSS verify for cushy syndication. You crapper wager the termination in my sidebar low SideNotes.

59. Smart RSS – SmartRss cron employ verify importer.

60. Adsense Deluxe – substance modern options for managing the semiautomatic intromission of Google AdSense or character Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts.

61. WPvideo – Allows you to append online videos in your place by providing the recording url.

62. Download Counter – This plugin implements download counters for every doable URL?s.

63. o-Matic – Allow you to create posts automatically from feeds. With its ultimate interface, you meet identify in the verify url, superior in which categories you poverty to create the posts, and you?re primed to go.

64. FeedWordPress – An Atom/RSS individual for WordPress. It syndicates noesis from newsfeeds that you opt into your WordPress blog; if you gangland individual newsfeeds then you crapper WordPress?s posts database and templating engine as the back-end of an assemblage (?planet?) website.

65. Mobile Edition – A organiser cordial programme for your blog. It?s (almost) XHTML compliant. You crapper wager it in state by temporary this place in a ambulatory browser.

66. Articles – This plugin allows you to easily inform a itemize of posts you superior correct of your journal chronology. Very multipurpose for featuring things that strength otherwise artefact into the low regions of your archives.

67. Comment License – This plugin shows a authorise with cost of your choosing in your comments form. You crapper modify the cost of your authorise in the options page.

68. Grins – This plugin allows you to place clickable smilies on your place and comments forms. Can?t advert the correct structure for digit of the smilies? Just utter on it and it power be inserted correct into your post/comment.

69. Since Last Visit – Shows the sort of newborn posts and comments (including indicators pass what posts and comments are new) since a traveller terminal came to your blog.

70. Popularity Contest – This plugin power support you wager which of your posts are most popular. Views, comments, etc. are tracked and presented configurable saucer values to watch popularity.

71. Clutter-Free – Allows authors to conceal portions of the WordPress programme that you seldom use.

72. Theme Switcher – Allow your readers to alter themes.

73. OneClick Installer – Installs whatever plugin or thought without having to upload them manually via ftp. Can also withdraw thought and plugin folders.

74. Snap Preview Anywhere – Add Snap Shots? to your blog. Snap Shots? is an open, extensible papers for creating, sharing, and distributing contextually germane content.

75. RThanks – Say thanks for temporary to individual that came from wager engine and ethnic marker (google, yahoo. stumbleupon, digg) and substance them to hold to rss feed.

76. ShortURL – Lets you add brief URL?s so you crapper ready road of outward links, downloads or only cover URL?s.

Download: 76-WordPress-Plugins.rar (Filesize: 1.66MB)

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